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Torvar Mirsky - Australia
WS Ranking: 27

Black Match Mirsky Sailing Team

In 2009 Torvar and his team won their first WMRT event, the Troia Portugal Match Cup and in 2011 he won the St. Moritz Match Cup and then returned to Bermuda to win the Argo Group Gold Cup. That same year Torvar was invited to skipper the Venezia Challenge (a challenger to the 34th America’s Cup) however, this was not meant to be and in 2012 Torvar took a much-needed break from match-racing to concentrate on his studies and earned a degree in mechanical engineering.   In 2016 Torvar reappeared as a tactician on a M32 catamaran in the World Match Racing Tour however, his real return was in 2017 when he placed 3rd in the Match Cup Australia with a brand-new team. By placing in the top 16 they secured a place to compete in the Match Racing World Championship later that year in Shenzhen, China, and would go on to win overall, cementing his return to the game. Torvar Mirsky has competed in the Argo Group Gold Cup five times. This year his crew includes two from Adam Minopio’s Black Match team, leading to the hybrid team name.

Crew: Nick Blackman, Malcolm Parker, Kinley Fowler

IG: torvarmirsky, mirskyracingteam