onedesign sPhoto by Barry Pickthall / PPLThe International One Design (IOD) is a classic racing sloop with strong representation across the globe and has become synonymous with Bermuda. There are currently nine active fleets spanning five countris, featuring national clubs in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and California, as well as international clubs in Norway, Scotland and Sweden.

In 1935, while racing in Bermuda, Cornelius Shields saw Eldon Trimingham's 6-Meter yacht "Saga". He was so taken with the boat that he had her designer Bjarne Aas from Fredrikstad, Norway, design a similar boat, although slightly lighter and with a taller rig, with the intention of starting a class of true international one-design boats.

In 1936 Shields brough the first IOD, "Alleen", to Long Island where he started a fleet. The next summer saw 25 IOD boats racing on Long Island Sound. Other fleets would emerge in Bermuda, Marblehead, Mass., NorthEast Harbor, Main, San Francisco, Calif., Fisher Island, NN.Y., Norway, Sweden and Scotland.

As the IOD class came to life, World War II was in its beginning stages. Four years would pass between when Allieen hit the water and the German invasion of Denmark and Norway, but Aas was prepared. Aas buried the molds during the German occupation to ensure their survival. He was sucessful and the same molds were later used to produce a plug for the fiberglass IODs, which are prevalent in the 10 active IOD fleets in five countries today.

Her class was the first ever to achieve International Classic Yacht status with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

LOA - 33' 5"
LWL - 21' 5"
Beam - 6' 9"
DSPL - 7,100 lbs
Draft - 5'4"