Midday Update

Taylor Canfield’s USone Sailing Team has completed a clean sweep of the Round Robin at the 68th Argo Group Gold Cup.

Canfield and crew continued the winning ways they started yesterday and finished 10-0. They advance to the Quarterfinal Round where they’ll choose their opponent.

Also advancing to the quarterfinals are crews skippered by Johnie Berntsson (9-1, 8.5 points), Joachim Aschenbrenner (8-2) and Nicklas Dackhammar (6-4), in that order.

The remaining seven crews led by skippers Lucy MacGregor (6-4), Torvar Mirsky (5-5), Charlie Laulimere (4-6), Marek Stanczyk (2-8), Ettore Botticini (2-8), Sam Gilmour (2-8, 1.5 points) and Chris Poole (1-9) advance to the Repechage Round. The top four crews from that round will advance to the quarterfinals.

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Daily Update // May 9

2018 day2 sDay 2 of racing at the 68th Argo Group Gold Cup could well be a carbon copy of Day 1. The Bermuda Weather Service is forecasting south/southeasterly winds of 12 to 18 knots, which should provide plenty of horsepower for another action-packed day.

Principal Race Officer David Campbell-James’s first order of the day is to complete the Round Robin. Only five flights remain to determine the top four crews who advance to the quarterfinals. Currently that group is led by skippers Taylor Canfield (6-0), Joachim Aschenbrenner (6-2), Johnie Berntsson (5-1) and Lucy MacGregor (5-3).

Once the round robin is complete Campbell-James will begin the Repechage Round for the seven crews who don’t finish in the top four. The hope is to complete up to three flights of the repechage.

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Argo Group Gold Cup Packed With Action On Day 1

Canfield, Aschenbrenner, Berntsson, MacGregor sit atop the standings

HAMILTON, Bermuda (May 8, 2018) - In a day packed with so much action that many skippers' memories were left blurred, Taylor Canfield's USone Sailing Team streaked out to the early lead at the 68th Argo Group Gold Cup.

Canfield and crew Mike Buckley, Victor Diaz de Leon, Erik Shampain and George Peet won all six of their matches and are the only undefeated team remaining at the $100,000 match racing regatta. Close behind are Joachim Aschenbrenner's Team TriFork from Denmark with a 6-2 record. Johnie Berntsson's crew stands third at 5-1 and Lucy MacGregor's crew from the U.K. is fourth with a 5-3 record.

A total of 35 races were completed today as principal race officer David Campbell-James took advantage of the southerly wind blowing between 10 and 15 knots. With the wind blowing across Hamilton Harbour there were shifts of 20 to 30 degrees at times with many puffs. The steady pace of action left many struggling to recall what had transpired during the day.

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Daily Blog // May 8

0920 hours: The first day of racing at the 68th Argo Group Gold Cup is set to get underway with the first attention signal scheduled for 1000 hours (ADT). The Bermuda Weather Service is forecasting southerly winds of 12 to 18 knots, backing to the south/southeast as the day wanes. The race committee hopes to complete at least seven flights of the round robin.

Check back here on the website and the Argo Group Gold Cup Facebook page for regular updates throughout the day.

Flight 1
Marek Stanczyk vs. Sam Gilmour
Ettore Botticini vs. Lucy MacGregor
Torvar Mirksy vs. Nicklas Dackhammar
Johnie Berntsson vs. Chris Poole

Flight 2
MacGregor vs. Mirsky
Taylor Canfield vs. Berntsson
Joachim Aschenbrenner vs. Dackhammar
Botticini vs. Charlie Lalumiere

Flight 3
Berntsson vs. Stanczyk
Lalumiere vs. Mirsky
Aschenbrenner vs. Botticini
Canfield vs. Poole

Flight 4
MacGregor vs. Aschenbrenner
Berntsson vs. Gilmour
Dackhammar vs. Lalumiere
Mirsky vs. Botticini

Flight 5
Stanczyk vs. Canfield
Dackhammar vs. MacGregor
Poole vs. Gilmour
Lalumiere vs. Aschenbrenner

Flight 6
MacGregor vs. Lalumiere
Poole vs. Stanczyk
Gilmour vs. Canfield
Aschenbrenner vs. Mirsky

Flight 7
Lalumiere vs. Poole
Berntsson vs. Aschenbrenner
Dackhammar vs. Botticini
Canfield vs. MacGregor

Flight 8
Poole vs. Dackhammar
Canfield vs. Lalumiere
Aschenbrenner vs. Gilmour
Stanczyk vs. MacGregor

Flight 9
Canfield vs. Aschenbrenner
Gilmour vs. MacGregor
Berntsson vs. Mirsky
Botticini vs. Poole

Flight 10
Lalumiere vs. Stanczyk
Botticini vs. Berntsson
MacGregor vs. Poole
Dackhammar vs. Canfield

Flight 11
Stanczyk vs. Botticini
Gilmour vs. Lalumiere
Mirsky vs. Canfield
Dackhammar vs. Berntsson

Flight 12
MacGregor vs. Berntsson
Aschenbrenner vs. Stanczyk
Gilmour vs. Botticini
Poole vs. Mirsky

Flight 13
Lalumiere vs. Berntsson
Poole vs. Aschenbrenner
Mirsky vs. Stanczyk
Gilmour vs. Dackhammar

Flight 14
Mirsky vs. Gilmour
Stanczyk vs. Dackhammar
Botticini vs. Canfield

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Argo Group Gold Cup To Challenge Crews Beginning Tuesday

Moderate to fresh winds forecast for week of match racing on Hamilton Harbour

2018 day1 sHAMILTON, Bermuda (May 7, 2018) - The 68th running of the $100,000 Argo Group Gold Cup commences tomorrow with round robin racing scheduled.

The matches in Flight 1 pit Poland's Marek Stanczyk against Australia's Sam Gilmour, Italy's Ettore Botticini against Women's World Match Racing Champion Lucy MacGregor of the U.K., Australia's Torvar Mirsky versus Sweden's Nicklas Dackhammar and Sweden's Johnie Berntsson against Chris Poole of the U.S.

Other skippers in the field include Joachim Aschenbrenner of Denmark, and Taylor Canfield and Charlie Lalumiere, both of the U.S. They'll take to the water in Flight 2.

The field of 11 crews will sail a round robin with the top four advancing to the Quarterfinal Round. The remaining skippers will sail a Repechage Round with the top four advancing to the Quarterfinals.

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