1445 Hours
The repechage round is complete and Chris Poole is the provisional winner with a 5-2 record, followed by Lucy Macgregor (5-2), Ettore Botticini (4-3) and Eric Monnin (4-3).

Nicklas Dackhammar, Maxime Mesnil, Pauline Courtois and Kelsey Durham were eliminated from further racing by placing fifth through eighth, respectively.

Ian Williams, Torvar Mirsky, Harry Price and Johnie Berntsson previously advanced to the quarterfinals after the initial round robin.

The draw for the pairings will be held later today.

1315 Hours
Through five of seven flights in the repechage round Lucy Macgregor and Chris Poole are poised to advance to the quarterfinal round along with Ettore Botticini and Maxime Mesnil. Macgregor and Poole are both 4-1 while Botticini and Mesnil are 3-2.

Eric Monnin, Nicklas Dackhammar and Pauline Courtois are each 2-3 while Kelsey Durham is 0-5.

Two flights remain to complete the repechage round with the top four advancing to the quarterfinal round.

1140 Hours
The first three flights of the repechage round are complete and five of the eight crews stand at 2-1: Ettore Botticini, Lucy Macgregor, Maxime Mesnil, Eric Monnin, and Chris Poole. Pauline Courtois and Nicklas Dackhammar are 1-2 and Kelsey Durham is 0-3.

The northeasterly wind means that the windward mark is just off the docks of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, but it also means that it’s a shifty and gusty breeze, particularly at the top mark. The gusts generally trend to the right, meaning that boats on starboard tack layline have a nice lift to cross the port tackers in close situations.

Four flights remain to complete the repechage round and with only four spots available to advance, there are many more close races ahead.

0900 Hours
Welcome to Day 3 of the 69th Argo Group Gold Cup.

Yesterday’s completion of the initial round robin saw Ian Williams, Torvar Mirsky, Harry Price and Johnie Berntsson advance to the quarterfinal round.

Today, the remaining eight crews take to Hamilton Harbour for the repechage round. A total of 28 matches in seven flights are scheduled to determine the four that advance to the next round.

Flight 1 matches include Kelsey Durham against Chris Poole, Maxime Mesnil versus Lucy Macgregor, Pauline Courtois against Nicklas Dackhammar and Ettore Botticini versus Eric Monnin.

Racing is scheduled to start at 0930 and the wind this morning is a bit more from the northeast, slightly backed from yesterday’s direction and blowing 8 to 12 knots. The Bermuda Weather Service is forecasting the conditions to last throughout the day.